Partner Companies

When it comes to an international internship program, it is crucial to understand the partnerships and relationships that fuel the internship placement.

In business, and especially in China, relationships are everything. As an established education institution, we use our connections with alumni, the university’s career center, placement agencies, and other places to secure internship opportunities in our international education programs. This results in our ability to provide diverse internship opportunities to our program participants and guarantee their quality.

To simplify the internship component of our programs to the international participants, we allow the participants to choose from two types of partner companies (apart from choosing their functional area). Participants can either work for established enterprises; here we guarantee an internship with Fortune 1000, China Fortune 1000 or Financial Times Europe 500 companies. Alternatively, participants can choose to engage with one of the dynamic local startups that partner with our organization. Regardless of the type of company, our network of partners guarantees a quality internship experience.

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