Your Internship Choice

In the internship component of the Business in Modern China Summer Program, we provide the following four functional areas for selection. Depending on your own preference and interest, you need to choose one field for specialization.


Finance and Accounting

Discovering the financial reporting side of China gives insight into the vast differences and similarities between Chinese and Western financial infrastructures and legislations, accounting standards and philosophies, which in a large scale differ from the IFRS. With a growing number of venture capitalists seeking to diversify their portfolios with prodigious Chinese start-ups, it is a great chance to experience a booming market where many small roll-ups and mergers and acquisitions happen at a blistering rate. Such opportunity will help one learn how the culture and politics affect the deal-making process in China, and more importantly, gain a more complete understanding of the world’s financial environment.

Marketing and Sales

China’s expanding national market is far more nuanced than many outsiders understand. With the growing purchasing power of the Chinese people, international businesses can no longer afford to treat China as a single market. Companies must realize branding varies throughout a nation of 1.4 billion people. An individual with an academic background in marketing in China, coupled with actual work experience in the marketing and sales field in the country, would be an unmatched resource for any company looking to tap into this burgeoning market.

Strategic Development

As the domestic consumption in China increases, many companies in the developed markets make China an important part of their strategy. This international interest in the PRC, a booming domestic economy, and the poor current economic condition of Europe and the U.S. has significantly affected the business strategy of companies in China. The Chinese are dynamically increasing their investments, including a very strong presence in Africa and other developing countries, as well as transforming their business involvement with the West. Through an internship in this area you will gain insight into Chinese strategic planning, and be on the forefront of the development in the Middle Kingdom.

Human Resources

The human capital of China is incomparable with any other country. Due to its size, unique culture, and the booming economy, managing the people aspect of business can be quite challenging in China. For instance, it is not uncommon in the corporate environment to see a turnover of nearly 100% in one year. Even the best Western managers often find it difficult to successfully manage Chinese subordinates, retain top talent, and get the best employees. A deeper understanding of the organizational aspect of Chinese companies will prove advantageous in future business dealings as a partner of a Chinese company or a manager of a local team.

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